Chocolate Fudge Toppings

For over 100 years, we have used only the finest flavorings and cocoas from around the world to craft the best chocolate toppings. From deep, dark and decadent to milky, smooth and sweet, we produce a topping for every chocolate-lover's palate.

Code Name Description Pack
10-001 New England Style Fudge Medium sweetness, dark color, milky notes,
Dutch cocoa, vanillin

6/5.25 lb. pouch

48 lb. pail*

10-002 Milk Fudge
Very sweet, dark color, milky notes, Dutch & natural cocoas, vanillin & artificial flavors

6/5.25 lb. pouch

6/#10 tins*

10-007 Highline Fudge Moderately sweet, medium color, milky notes,
Dutch cocoa, vanillin

6/5.25 lb. pouch*

6/#10 tins*

10-010 Wicked Good™ Fudge Moderately sweet, medium color, milky notes,
Dutch cocoas, vanillin

6/5.25 lb. pouch

6/#10 tins

Swiss Milk Fudge
Modest sweetness, light color, rich milk flavor, Dutch & natural cocoas, vanillin
6/#10 tins*
10-019 Lighthouse Fudge Moderately sweet, very rich milk, Dutch &
natural cocoa, vanillin & artificial flavors
6/#10 tins*
10-021 Wicked Good™ Chocolate All natural, decadent rich cocoa flavor 12 retail jars


Specialty Toppings

Buttery butterscotch, creamy caramels, nutty maple walnut and peanut butter – our specialty toppings provide an indulgent alternative to chocolate. We use fresh butter, real cream, roasted nuts and other premium ingredients. For true decadence, we suggest mixing and matching these specialty toppings with our chocolate fudge offerings.

Code Name Description Pack
13-000 Wicked Good™ Caramel
All natural, milky caramel flavor 12 retail jars
13-007 Caramel Fudge Milky caramel, dark color 6/#10 tins
13-008 Butterscotch Traditionally buttery butterscotch 6/#10 tins
13-009 Caramel Butterscotch Caramel-butterscotch blend 24/1.5 lb. pouch
14-100 Marshmallow Ready to serve, not whipped 24/1.5 lb. pouch


Fruit Toppings

Only the ripest fruits and berries bursting with sweetness make the cut for these toppings. The toppings are prepared in small batches so that the integrity of the fruit remains intact. Each batch is allowed to steep and simmer to bring out the fruit's true essence. This extra time and care means a difference you can both taste and see.

Code Name Description Pack
14-018 Wild Blueberry Whole Maine wild blueberries 24/1.35 lb. pouch
14-028 Pineapple Crushed pineapple with fruit show 24/1.35 lb. pouch



* Special order item / lead times and minimums apply