The richness of chocolate, a swirl of fudge, a streak of caramel–our flavorful variegates accent and complement without overpowering any ice cream background. Thanks to our small-batch manufacturing process, we can offer a wide and varied array, such as Cinnamon Dulce de Leche, caramel or Blueberry, to let you create and expand your own flavor palate. Category I, 10% Usage.

Code Name Description Pack
21-406 Wild Blueberry Wild Maine blueberries 50 lb. pail*
21-412 Wicked Good™ Chocolate Rich, decadent chocolate 24/1.4 lb. pouch
50 lb. pail
21-414 Caramel Milky and rich 24/1.4 lb. pouch
50 lb. pail
21-425 Marshmallow (all natural) Smooth, full flavored, not whipped 50 lb. pail*
21-430 Cinnamon Dulce de Leche Rich, warm, caramel and spice notes 50 lb. pail*

*special order item/lead times and minimums apply