Butcher Program

At Schlotterbeck & Foss, we’ve had over 150 years to cultivate value-added programs. Our Butcher Program is one of the best. It provides in-store butcher departments with the products, equipment, and service they need to expand their business and meet the growing consumer demand for wholesome, delicious meats that are conveniently pre-marinated.

The program includes:

  • Handcrafted gourmet chef sauces, available by the gallon for bulk marinating and in 12-ounce bottles for complementary retail sales.
  • A vacuum tumbler that produces tender, fully-flavored meat in just 20 minutes, giving stores the flexibility to alternate flavors and quickly and easily respond to customer demand.
  • Extensive support, including training video and documentation that covers everything from nutritional information on each sauce, to operating procedures for the tumbler.
  • Professional, preprinted labels to help customers identify—and return to buy—their favorite marinades, whether by the bottle for at-home use or on your market’s ready-to-go marinated meat.

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