Ice Cream Syrups

Behind every successful shake and frappe, you’re likely to find a Schlotterbeck & Foss syrup. Our ice cream syrups blend smoothly to create creamy shakes filled with the flavors of sumptuous cocoa, vanilla, coffee, and fruit. We use premium Dutch cocoa, Madagascar vanilla, Colombian coffee, and fruit concentrates.

Code Name Description Pack
11-004 Lighthouse Chocolate Moderately sweet, Dutch cocoa 4/1 gallon
11-006 Highline Chocolate Sweet, Dutch cocoa 4/1 gallon
18-033 Vanilla For shakes or drizzle topping 4/1 gallon
18-034 Coffee Smooth, well-balanced coffee for shakes 4/1 gallon
18-035 Strawberry For shakes or drizzle topping 4/1 gallon
18-039 Red Raspberry For shakes or Lime Rickeys 4/1 gallon
41-93022 Corn Syrup 43-63 Corn Syrup 60 lb. pail