Dairy Syrups

Chocolate & Specialty Dairy Syrups

Dairy Syrups make superior chocolate and flavored milk. We use only the world’s finest cocoas, the most intense coffee beans and the fruitiest strawberry flavors. Our chocolate syrups consistently outperform powders for a smoother, chocolatier drink. Sure, kids love milk flavored with our syrups, but these are good enough to bring out the kid in all of us.

Code Name Description & Usage Other
30-502 Chocolate Dairy Syrup Sweet Dutch cocoa. Use: 50 lb. + 52 gallons milk 50 lb. pail
32-503 Coffee Dairy Syrup Coffee, natural flavor, Use: 48 lb. + 90 gallons milk + 40 lb. sugar 48 lb. pail
32-508 Strawberry Dairy Syrup Use: 48 lb. + 100 gallons milk + 44 lb. sugar 48 lb. pail*

Egg Nog Bases

Egg Nog bases provide traditional flavor profiles that holiday customers have chosen for decades. We start with fresh egg yolks and fold in the exotic flavors of vanilla, nutmeg, spices and rum. Customers have preferred our egg nog for decades, making it a true New England holiday tradition. To ensure product flavor and freshness, Egg Nog bases are produced to order.

Code Name Description & Usage Pail
33-516 Doublerich Egg Nog Base Mellow nutmeg & spice note, double strength. Use: 61.5 lb. base yields 100 gallons finished Egg Nog 61.5 lb. pail
33-521 Realrich Egg Nog Base Mellow nutmeg & spice note, single strength. Use: 50 lb. base yields 50 gallons finished Egg Nog 50 lb. pail
33-523 Natural Flavor "R" Egg Nog Base All Natural, mellow nutmeg & spice note. Use: 61.5 lb. base yields 100 gallons finished Egg Nog 61.5 lb. Pail*

*special order item/lead times and minimums apply