Ice Cream Bases

Superior ice cream flavors start with quality ingredients. Our traditional bases – chocolate, fruit and coffee – are made with the finest ingredients, using time-tested techniques that make them a New England favorite. But the art of flavor-making requires a fresh and creative approach. From New York-style Cheesecake and Pumpkin to Orange Pineapple or Wild Blueberry, we continue to complement our offerings with new flavors your customers want.

Code Name Description Pack
20-301 Midnight Chocolate Dutch cocoa & chocolate liquor 6/#10 tins
20-303 Realrich Chocolate Rich Dutch cocoas 6/#10 tins
20-304 Doublerich Chocolate Dutch cocoas & chocolate liquor, double strength 6/#10 tins
50 lb. pail
20-312 Caramel Sea Salt (all natural) Milky and rich 50 lb. pail*
20-315 Butter Pecan Sweet & buttery, full flavored base 6/#10 tins
20-318 Orange Pineapple Crushed pineapple in sauce 6/#10 tins
20-320 Black Raspberry Black and red raspberry with flavor 6/#10 tins
20-322 Chocolate Fudge All chocolate liquor 6/#10 tins
20-332 NY Style Cheesecake Lemony cheesecake 6/#10 tins
20-346 Wild Blueberry Whole blueberries in sauce, fruit feeder 6/#10 tins

*special order item/lead times and minimums apply