We've harvested the freshest Maine produce and shopped the world over for the finest herbs, oils and spices to bring bold, new flavors to your grill and table. With a little help from S&F, even the most basic cook can turn out a gourmet meal with relative ease.

Ideal with meats, fish and poultry, our grill sauces are a great way to perk up spur-of-the-moment dishes. With the marinades, several hours tenderize lesser cuts of meat and infuse them with deep flavor.

Our stir-fry sauces let you introduce your family to the exotic flavors of the Far East without all the shopping, simmering and taste-testing. Mix and match these sauces as you toss them with your favorite meats, vegetables and noodles, or use them for dipping. With a bit of chopping and a little daring, anyone can make a healthy, flavorful meal in minutes.


Sweet Bourbon

Bourbon lends a kick to this savory sauce made with rich soy sauce, tart lemon and natural sweetness and spices.

Caribbean Mango

Succulent mango and sweet red pepper, enlivened by cayenne pepper and other spices, make this a grilling sauce with a definite Island afterglow.

Garlic Teriyaki Fresh Garlic

Tart lemon and a touch of heat from ginger dress up this soy-based sauce.


The boldness of cracked pepper, vinegar and paprika combines with the crunch of onion and sweet red pepper to give this marinade its gusto.

Pineapple Jalapeno

A slightly spicy treat. A unique blend of sweet pineapple, mango, peppers and onions.

Raspberry Chipotle

Sweet meets heat in this bold blend of raspberries, apples, roasted red peppers and smoked jalapenos.

General Tsao

The melding of smoky spice, soy and cracked peppercorns ensure this slightly sweet sauce will bring full flavor to any stir fry.

Carne Asada

A Latin favorite, smoky anchos, cumin, savory tamari, and zesty spices.

Tequila Lime

A fresh twist on dinner, Tequila, lime, cumin, cilantro and green chilies brings home a flavor fiesta.

Chinese BBQ

The sweet, tangy, and subtle smoky flavors of authentic Chinese barbeque come to life in a thick, dark sauce that's perfect for slathering on at the next barbecue.

Lemon Dill

Aromatic dill complimented by the tang of lemon and Dijon mustard make this a light and flavorful grilling sauce.


This blend of classic soy with a touch of sweet molasses makes this the staple of all Asian marinades.

Ginger Teriyaki

The zesty flavors of ginger and red pepper give this traditional Asian staple a little extra zing.

Sweet Bay BBQ

Just the right balance of bold spices, Apple wood smoke and sweet honey.

Texas BBQ

A blend of Southwest mixed with ripe tomatoes, garlic and sweet molasses.

Lemon Pepper

Red and green bell peppers compliment lemon and orange zest to create this creamy, sweet and tangy marinade.

Sesame Teriyaki

Garlic and ginger dress up this soy-based sauce that is packed with toasted sesame seeds.

Garlic Peanut

Sweet peanuts, tomatoes and molasses meet the heat of the East in this zesty stir-fry sauce, laced with garlic and spices.


A smolder of smoke and spice, with vine-ripened tomatoes, molasses, all-natural southwest flavorings and a dash of Worcestershire.