The sweetest, ripest fruits; the freshest garden vegetables; all-natural seasonings and ingredients S&F salsas are too good to just sit on the end of a chip. We have created unique flavor pairings that can turn an ordinary dinner into a family fiesta. Some of our salsas are so substantial they can serve as their own side dish. Some are the perfect way to perk up plain rice, a burrito or taco. Some can transform a simple piece of chicken or fish into a tropical delight. The only thing the cook needs to add is a little imagination.


Corn & Chili

Sweet corn mixes with bright red bell pepper and just a dash of spice to give this fresh and crunchy tomato-less salsa its festive distinction.

Cowboy Caviar

Spicy black beans and sweet corn seasoned with smoky chipotles and lime for a taste of home on the range.

Bean & Corn

A rich and chunky Tex-Mex salsa filled with so much goodness - black beans, golden corn, garden vegetables, a hint of lime and seasoning - use it as flavorful topping or even as a side dish.

Mango Lime

Luscious mango makes the perfect backdrop for the bright ripeness of tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and Key lime juice in this tropical salsa.

Raspberry Lime

Ripe red raspberries combine with fresh garden vegetables, natural spices and the bright citrus of lime to give this tart and tangy salsa its intense flavor.


Loaded with sweet ripe peaches, fresh vegetables and spices, this salsa packs an unexpected kick that lingers after every bite.


The Southwest meets the pacific in this sweet and smoky salsa loaded with chunks of pineapple, red ripe tomatoes, peppers, onions, and just the right amount of seasonings for a warm afterglow.