We use only the finest oils, spices, all-natural seasonings and ingredients to create dressings that will add snap to any greens. Our selections range from the time-tested classics - Caesar, French, Ranch - to flavors of the Far East and light vinaigrettes. But these dressings are too flavorful and versatile to limit their use to the salad bowl. They work great as a marinade, as a way to dress up a summer potato or pasta salad or give grilled vegetables a kick.



It's the fresh onion that makes the difference in this all-natural dressing. Bursting with vibrant seasonings, this versatile sauce is not just for salads. Its bright flavors will enhance countless dishes.


This emperor of classic salad dressings receives the royal treatment from S&F. We use only real Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, spices, a hint of anchovy and abundant garlic to create this robust dressing.


Savory balsamic vinegar is infused with natural seasonings and just a touch of sweetness to create an aromatic dressing with both depth and bold flavor.

Raspberry Vinaigrette

Sun-ripened berries blend with the tang of red wine vinegar, spices and oil to bring the taste of summer to any salad.

Toasted Sesame

The rich, nutty taste of toasted sesame blends with soy and rice wine vinegar in this authentic Asian dressing.

Balsamic Fig

The rich flavors of aged balsamic vinegar and dried figs are balanced with notes of bright orange, black pepper, and floral honey.

Champagne Pear

Delicate Champagne and sweet Anjou pears come together for an everyday indulgence.

Cucumber Vinaigrette

Summer in a bottle; fresh cool cucumber with an invigorating punch of vinegar for a fresh-from-the-garden taste.

Poppy Seed

Sweet onions and tart apple cider vinegar create a perfectly creamy balance.