Inspired by the chutneys of India, this sweet and zesty condiment mixes fruits and vegetables with exotic spices. We slowly simmer the freshest ingredients and flavorful seasonings to create an imaginative accompaniment to so many foods: a glaze for meats, poultry or fish; a topping for cheeses and other hors d'oeuvres; or an easy way to dress up a sandwich or a holiday meal. And, of course, they are a must as a traditional side for curries and other Indian foods.


Apple Cranberry

Chunks of crunchy apple combine with tart cranberries and aromatic cloves in this deeply seasoned chutney that will add an exotic flavor to any dish.

Mango Ginger

Sun-ripened mango, golden raisins and red bell pepper are enlivened by a kick of ginger and other natural seasoning in this slowly simmered chutney with a nice touch of lingering spice.

Spicy Plum

Juicy plums and raisins cooked down with savory aromatics and fresh ginger, with a subtle sizzle of whole grain mustard seed and red chilies.