Purveyors of Fine Flavors Since 1866

Augustus G. Schlotterbeck and Charles S. Foss founded Schlotterbeck & Foss Company in Portland, Maine in 1866. The company began as a prescription apothecary shop, moving to patented medicines and flavoring extracts. From the horse & buggy days to the present, Schlotterbeck & Foss has earned and maintained a reputation for quality products and fair dealings.

Behind our rich (and delicious) history lies a solid foundation of innovation. While honoring those time-tested recipes that secured our reputation, we keep ourselves open to new trends. We’re constantly tasting, sampling and looking for ways to improve and expand our offerings to grow with our customers.

For us, that means a blend of tradition and technology, taking the best from both worlds. While our manufacturing process has been streamlined through computerization, our cooking is still done in small batches, with the care of handcrafting, to bring out the most vibrant flavors. Our company is housed in a historic building, but our facility glistens with stainless steel pipes, specialty kettles and the latest machinery. We have a broad and diverse distribution base, yet we still pack all of our products by hand.

We measure our success by product quality and living our values: remaining dedicated to a small-batch manufacturing process, in which every employee has a sense of ownership, and using only the finest ingredients. To that end, our fudges are made of the finest Dutch cocoas, our vanillas from the best Madagascar beans, and our coffees from specialty roasted beans grown around the world. The fruits and vegetables in our sauces and salsas are the freshest available and, whenever possible, organic. The seasonings and spices we choose for our dressings, grilling sauces, mustards and marinades are all-natural. We believe you can taste the goodness of quality ingredients and careful craftsmanship.